Cheaper Alternative Cure BANNED?!

You really cannot trust anything they say.
Have you ever wondered…

…why you never hear about things like The Oxy Solution?

I mean, if it’s so powerful, and can treat a list of
ailments as long as your arm, then how come it isn’t
mainstream knowledge?


…there’s a good reason for this.

Which is because things like The Oxy Solution pose a
tremendous threat to pharmaceutical companies.

You see,
they need to keep this stuff suppressed otherwise
it would destroy their bottom line.

After all, natural cures are mostly cheap or even

So it’s not as if they can make money bottling them.

And what you also have to realize is this:

Drug companies spend decades and billions of dollars
developing new drugs.

And they spend just as much money marketing those drugs.

So they have a great deal invested in their
products  success.

And if a cheaper alternative cure became known to the
public…well…all that time and money goes down the drain.

(For example, think about how much research money they would
have wasted, if a natural remedy for cancer was discovered tomorrow.)

[Which is why this alternative healing solution is kept  under wraps...]

Which is why they do things like
suppressing the findings of
natural heath researchers,
and banning alternative remedies.

Now, I know this makes me sound like
some kind of conspiracy
nut or something, but did you know
that in the 80’s the FDA
banned drugs which were being
used by AIDS patients?

And these aren’t dangerous medicines we’re talking about  here.

No sir, they were banning things like Peptide T,
which is a
simple protein proven to relieve AIDS symptoms.

And why?

Because at that time, AZT was the hot new drug being
promoted by the pharmaceutical companies…
and the FDA went  along with them

(Even though AZT was killing people left right and centre.)

And that’s just for starters.

I can tell you horror stories of federal agents breaking down the doors of supplement manufacturers, amongst other things.

In a nutshell, these are the bad guys and you really cannot trust anything they say.

Unfortunately you are at their mercy,

forced to use the medicines which fit their narrow view of  what is “Safe” and what “Works”


To that I say NO WAY!

No way does the government get to tell
sick people what to do.

And if you feel as I do, and are interested in proven alternative

therapies, then[you must watch this video right now...]

You’ll learn the truth about what could possibly be the biggest medical scandal of the 21st century…plus how to escape the toxic stew of chemicals we all have to live in.

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