Best Fish Breeder in Red Deer 

 At Ken And Kim's Fancy Guppies, I take great pride in being able to breed a variety of fish for sale to customers in Red Deer. I have many years of experience providing fish for family homes and by applying the wealth of knowledge, I can boldly claim to be the best fish breeder in Red Deer. 

​​ It is essential to me that all my fish leave for their new homes happy and ready to be loved. Please get in touch with me by email for more information.
 My Fish
My beautiful fish are eager and ready for their new homes. They are playful, energetic and will need a lot of love and attention when they move in. I take the time and care necessary to breed fish that will truly make you smile. With years of experience behind me, you can trust me to deliver every time.
 Professional Breeding You Can Trust
​As caring, professional and reputable fish breeder I follow recommended guidelines that ensure my fishes have loving temperaments – they simply can’t wait to meet their new owners!

​As long as you treat your new pet with love and respect, they will do the same back. I am dedicated to doing my best for my pets and, of course, my customers as well.
 What I Offer

​THIS IS MY BOOK I WROTE, check it out you will find all the important information you will need to continue to have healthy, happy fish.  I understand how overwelming it is when you first decide to get a aquarium and fish. 

This  is why I decided to write this book to help with all the information you need .  Please check it out - you will be glad you did.  ken and kim ​
Important Note:
We DO NOT ship our fish in Winter months - we only do in person - by appointment fish sales.  We do not have any fish available for rehoming at the moment - we are sold out.​